Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enjoy The Nature’s Magnificence In Trou Aux Cerfs, Which Is One Of The Dormant Volcanoes On The Island Of Mauritius

The small pristine island of Mauritius holds several volcanoes most of which are inactive but could erupt within the next thousand years. Most of these inactive volcanoes on the island of Mauritius are perfect example of natural splendor and Trou aux Cerfs is one of them.

Trou aux Cerfs is situated in Curepipe and tourists who are visiting the place for first time may find it difficult to locate, but as you reach closer to this place, there are sign boards that will direct you to the place. It is the chief attraction of the Curepipe town and is placed at a height of around 600 n above sea level. Once you reach the location, you have got to drive up a steep hill and as you reach the summit, the view is simply breathtaking. Also while driving along the meandering roads to reach the volcano; one can enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding areas.

As reach the summit of the hill, there are several places to park your car and also find quite a considerable number of other tourists who are on a tour of the island. Tourists can take hire a car or a taxi in order to reach this place of natural treasure.


Trou aux Cerfs is actually a crater, which most of the times remain dry with a steep drop to its center. But if you get to this place on a rainy day, the crater gets filled with water and seems like a small pool of captivating lake. The crater is 350 meters in diameter and 80 meters deep and is abounded by lush green vegetation that adds to the beauty of the place. The placed also has a viewpoint to observe the silent volcano but it remains most of the times crowded with the visitors. If you take a short stroll around the barrier you will be able to find several beautiful locations where you can get picture perfect photos.

As you are enjoying the scenic atmosphere of this place, you can take a casual walk all the way to another place that includes charming flowers, a toilet and some sitting arrangements for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place. This place is also an excellent place to relish picturesque views of some of the mountains Pieter Both and Lion Mountain. You can click some exclusive photos and also take a rest if you are feeling a bit tired. While walking around the carter you will also find a hidden path that leads to the crater of the volcano. The path is quite dangerous and should not be taken unless you are with a group of experienced hikers. It is a perfect place to visit with your family and a visit to this place takes no longer than an hour. If you are visiting this dormant volcano on a good day, you will find some local vendors at this place that will provide you refreshments and are also provide items for souvenirs. The carter makes an excellent place for picnic with your family, friends or loved ones and if you are lucky enough, you can also enjoy a romantic view of sunset in the evening at this place.

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